How to choose the name of my restaurant

Attention foodies, this article is for you. If you have in mind to open a restaurant but you do not know what name to put, keep reading because we will give you some important tips so that you can set up your business in the hospitality industry with a shocking and appropriate name, that remains in the memory of the diners and invite to repeat the gastronomic experience. Keep reading, you will solve those ideas that hover in your head so that the thought of how to choose the name of your restaurant is not a problem for you.

Steps to follow:


Before choosing a name for a restaurant you should keep in mind or you should ask yourself the following questions:

What kind of food will I sell? Is it about Mexican, author, vegetarian, vegan, sweet ...? This is a key point that will allow you to have an advance with respect to the other questions you must ask yourself to select the name. Creativity begins with the type of food and the format of the restaurant, positioning it in the right way so that it fits with your target audience.

Sometimes the proper names play a leading role in the food, if you use your name, it means that the commitment is even greater, it is about your food and reputation at all times.


What names do my competition have? You have to analyze your competition if or if, from there, reflect on the name of your restaurants and the ease of remembering them. Are they attractive names? Do they fit with the audience they are targeting? Are names easy to remember? If you get a majority of affirmative answers to these questions, then you will have a good way to inspire yourself to choose yours.


How do I want to communicate my restaurant? This section is related to the target audience. It is not the same name that a fast food restaurant may have to a restaurant name that aspires to a Michelin star. Affordable restaurants in all pockets can play a lot with creativity, this is when there is more freedom in the choice, since many amazing ideas can arise.

When, on the other hand, it is a restaurant aimed at a higher target, some tips that can highlight it must be taken into account. In this sense, there are supplements such as: gastro, bistro or numerical complements that tend to look great.


Will it have an online presence? Every time there are more and better the gastronomic options offered by the web, from food services to home, consult the menu, reservations or simply find them in guides and with scores that make life easier for those who want to visit them. . The online presence is key to the world of restoration, so the name will also be. You can search that the name you have in mind is not already occupied as a domain, in addition there is no other same in another part of the world, this could even play against internationalization. It should not resemble others and should rather stand out among the existing ones. Also, the name of the restaurant and the type of food should be a key word when entering the Internet search engines, this will help you position it better online.


If you want to know the importance and impact of the name in a business, do not forget to read the article How to choose the name of my company, it will give you important tips that will be very useful for you.