How to prevent my cat from biting the wires

If your cat has begun to bite wires, it is time to get serious and take action, because it is a very inappropriate behavior and also very dangerous. Not only because you can damage your electrical appliances, but because your cat could be electrocuted or choked with plastic. As a responsible owner of your pet, you must protect him from any risk that may be in your home, and from .com we are going to give you some tips so you can discover how to prevent your cat from biting the wires .

You will need to:
  • Catnip
  • Toys
  • Ribbons, paper clips, cardboard to protect the wiring
  • Special products to impregnate cables, especially citrus
Steps to follow:


The key is caution and prudence. The most important thing is that you take a good look around the house and identify all the points of electrical risk .

You must pay special attention to any object that is at the height of your kitten and those that are on surfaces that can jump, and remember that they are very jumping and reach almost anywhere.

Special care with:

  • Computer, Internet or printer cables.
  • Cables for temporary use, such as Christmas lights, a fan, a dryer, etc.
  • Cables that are not within your reach but for your cat, the cats arrive and fit anywhere, so take your time to check the wiring of all areas that seem inaccessible.
  • Be very careful with the ends where it is attached to the connector or the electrical device. However protected they are, the final sections are not fully covered.


To prevent your cat biting the cables try not to have too many devices connected to a single socket. Not only to prevent overloads, and that the life of your feline is in danger, but so that there is no accident.

Keep the end of the appliance cable near the socket to prevent you from tripping over it, and let your cat see the cables as a real playground. And do not even think that a cable is very tight and float, because surely your feline friend will jump to hang on the attraction.


If there are appliances that you do not use regularly, it is better to keep them because it is not worthwhile that they are within reach of your cat, and exposed to dust and unnecessary risks.


Redistribute the furniture so that the cables are well hidden and collected and are not in view of your pussycat.

Cats are tremendously flexible and fit almost any gap, so spend as much time as possible blocking spaces behind shelves, tables, etc. Always trying that your cat does not see the cables to avoid biting them .


A great option, whenever possible is to have electrical appliances with wireless technology . With this, you will stop having so much cable in the middle, and you will reduce considerably the risk for your cat, and in the process your worries with electricity.


You must protect the cables, the plugs and the sockets. There are several ways, among others:

  • Use tin foil tapes, double-glazed paper, insulators, cardboard or clips to fix the loose cables and cover them.
  • Impregna the cables of some substance that displeases your cat (citrus, vinegar, pepper, etc). Try to dry before reconnecting them. Do not use anything that is salty, because it will attract your feline.
  • There are specific products, such as the Chewsafe brand, to cover the cables with citrus essences that will make your feline not want to bite cables.


To prevent your cat from biting the wires it is important to scold him when he does. You must say NO to him firmly when you catch him with the nose in the dough.

Also, you can distract it by dropping some very fine and light object nearby so your attention is focused on something else. There are motion sensors that you could place near the cable area, and every time you approach your cat will emit a very unpleasant sound that most likely is that you do not like.


If your cat has a tendency to look for and play with the cables, you should get down to work so that your cat is distracted and very active:

  • Catnip, the fascination with catnip is well known, they like the smell and it is good for them to bite it.
  • Toys for cats, or improvised, do not forget the power of cardboard boxes for your pussycat to go crazy with joy.


When you are going to use an appliance in a timely manner as is the case with the iron, the vacuum cleaner or any other, try that your cat is not close while you move or use, it is best to avoid risks and temptations.

  • If you are cautious, you will not have any problem. We recommend patience with your cat, and first of all, be very careful.
  • If your cat ingests something, go immediately to the veterinarian before an obstruction occurs.