How to prevent my cat from biting me

Although we adore our feline, they do not always turn out to be predictable pets, and often when faced with different stimuli they can react with something that bothers their owners: the bites . In most cases it is a warning so that we do not contract them anymore, or a reaction to something that is unpleasant to them, so rather than training them to stop doing so, we must be careful in the way they we approach our feline. In .com we give you some tips so you know how to prevent your cat from biting you .

Steps to follow:


We must learn to know and respect our animals. When a cat threatens us with the gesture of biting us, or ends up doing it, it is usually because we have done something that displeases him, many times in a conscious way, that is why the animal reacts with annoyance. That is why it is necessary to avoid this type of behavior, finally they do not have our capacity for reasoning, and they react with the resources they have at their disposal.


When you pet your cat, look at how he reacts. They do not always feel comfortable with all the signs of affection, some of them, for example, resent the fact that they caress their tails, others their stomachs. Many times those annoying caresses end in bites, so avoid them.


Choose to buy toys to play with your cat instead of using your hands and feet. This way you will avoid that in the middle of the game, and without wanting to, also use your mouth to entertain yourself with you.


When the cat bites us in the middle of a game, our natural reaction is usually to quickly remove our hand, but this signal can tell the cat that we continue playing, so it will go directly to us to continue having fun. The appropriate reaction should be to slowly move your hand away and give the cat a little nudge by saying NO in an energetic way. Another alternative is to gently grab her by the neck while saying no, this is the way moms discipline puppies when they grow up with them.

If you do this every time he bites you, the cat will finally understand that he should not do it.


Hardly a cat bites you at the first sign of annoyance. Normally it warns us before with roars or movements. It is important to recognize these signs and respect the animal, by not doing what bothers you, in this way you will get rid of bites.


And when you visit at home, always warn them if there is any kind of caress or gesture that alters your cat, so none of your guests will end up with a bad memory of your pet.