How to prevent dogs from urinating at the door

Tired of opening the house door and always find the entrance wet? Sometimes the neighbor's dogs, or even our own, are difficult to convince not to urinate in certain places. In this article we recommend a series of simple but very effective methods that will prevent dogs from trying to urinate at the door of your house again. You will simply need basic products, such as vinegar, lemon or bottles of water. These homemade repellents are natural, so they are not harmful to any animal or member of the family. If you want to find out how to prevent dogs from urinating at the door, take note!

Steps to follow:


Before applying one of the repellents, the main thing is to thoroughly clean the area where the dog or dogs have urinated previously, because these animals tend to do so again in those places that retain their urine smell. So clean the entrance to your house and then you can proceed to apply one of the methods we propose.


Get a can with spray, fill it with a part of water and then add another part of white vinegar . Then sprinkle this combination through the entrance of your house and the areas where you want to avoid animals urinating. As you know, dogs and cats are guided by smell over everything, so if they smell this strong smell they will not want to go near your door! In addition dogs hate the smell of acetic acid, composed of vinegar. You can also do this same trick but using lemon juice instead of vinegar.


On the other hand, an interesting method that you can try is to place plastic bottles filled with water around the door of your house, as long as the ones you use are transparent. It seems incredible, and although many think that it is a myth, many people work.


Finally we suggest you use cayenne pepper or red pepper, which contains capsaicum, a molecule that irritates mucous membranes and skin. Sprinkle the cayenne pepper on the door of the house, but do not abuse the amount, because for the dogs it has a smell so strong that they manage to detect it at a great distance.