How to prevent dogs from urinating in the house

Has a new dog arrived at your house? The first thing you should keep in mind is that no one is born taught so do not despair if the first weeks the animal can not control the desire to pee and ends up doing it at home. Arm yourself with patience and start educating your dog so that he does not urinate at home and knows that the ideal place to do it is on the street. There are a number of tricks and training methods that will help you to prevent dogs from urinating in the house and in this article you will discover them. Do you dare to try them?

Steps to follow:


The dogs, many times, urinate to mark territory and it may be that they do not do all the pee they have accumulated but just throw a few drops to make it clear that this is their area. Above all this usually happens when in the same house they live with other pets or other dogs. In this case, the most appropriate thing to remove that mania to mark your space is to create repellents for dogs, that is, to make a series of homemade products whose aroma will repel the animal and stop marking the area.

One of the most effective is to prepare one with vinegar as it neutralizes the smell of urine and, therefore, the animal will not find its smell and will not know exactly where it was peeing. In addition, the acid smell of the vinegar disgusts the animal and will not get closer to the area that gives off that aroma.


There are more home remedies that will get away from the dog and prevent pee in a specific area of ​​the house. For example, the smell of lemon does not like it either, so you can mix the juice of a lemon with two cups of water. Fill a bottle with a spray and spray the space in which your dog often pee. If you prefer, you can also sprinkle a little cayenne pepper directly on the area, so the dog will feel the itch of this ingredient and it will bother you, with the result that it will not leave a trace again.


A good way to tell your dog where to pee is to impregnate a piece of cloth or newspaper and take it to the street or to the place where you want to urinate. When you arrive at the site, you will only have to bring the smell to your snout so that you understand that here you can mark territory. Little by little, the animal will understand that this is the right place to pee and stop doing it at home.


However, and as we said at the beginning of the article, no one is born taught and it is likely that at the beginning, however much you want to prevent a dog from urinating at home, it will escape at some point or not yet have the order clearly marked. . For this reason, it is important to know that to educate a dog you never have to use violence (because a violent and aggressive dog could emerge) but you have to stay firm and authoritarian but without using force.

When you see your dog peeing at home, it is enough for you to say a strong "No" and let him know that you are angry. Therefore, it is essential that after scolding you do not carantoñas or pay attention to it, otherwise, the animal will never understand what you want to say. And when the animal pees out you have to show him that this is what you asked for and to do so, it is enough for you to give him some prize so that he understands that this attitude has a positive effect on you.


When the dog is a puppy you will have to pay special attention when teaching him not to pee at home. The first thing to keep in mind is that the animal has a smaller vegija and, therefore, you will need to get more out of the street than an adult dog. Above all you must have clear the rule of "15 minutes", what do you mean? so that the puppy, after a quarter of an hour of having eaten, drunk, slept or exercised, will want to evacuate. So take it out before you can not repress the desire and you'll get it to understand that outside where you have to relieve yourself.

During the first weeks of having the puppy at home you probably can not get it out on the street because you will not have all the vaccines yet. In this case, to avoid peeing all over the house, it is best that you train it like a cat, that is, put a box of sand and show it is where you have to pee. To show you that this is the place, you can do the newspaper trick that we have told you before.

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