How to prevent the dog from barking

The barking of the dogs, besides that it can be the symptom of some malaise or illness in the animal, alters the nerves of the people of his environment and, if we live in community, it can become a neighbor problem . The barking is one more way that our pet has to communicate, but if it does so continuously we can think that it is trying to get our attention for some problem. In .com we explain how to prevent the dog from barking .

Steps to follow:


The dog is the social animal par excellence and, if it is a long time alone, it will manifest its discomfort in the form of barking. Therefore, we must try to leave it alone as soon as possible and have it share with us our leisure outings.

In the event that we are forced to leave it for a long time in solitude, we will buy toys appropriate to their age and size and we will teach them to entertain themselves with them.


The barking of our dog can be due, simply, to tantrums. So, what we have to do is approach our pet from behind, grab it so that we immobilize it, and shout a resounding "No".

Next, we will leave the dog alone and ignore it. When the dog stops barking yes we will go to him and we will give him affection, as a compensation for good behavior.


As much as it bothers us and it hurts us thinking that the dog may have some suffering, the only approach we should have when our dog barks is the one indicated in the previous point. So, when our pet barks continuously, we have to ignore it, so that he understands that with that performance he can not get our attention or get our love.


Another alternative so that our dog does not bark is to make him practice a lot of exercise and, if possible, socializing with other animals and people. In this way, we will achieve that our pet is happy and healthy and does not require our constant attention to be satisfied.


We should never resort to a muzzle so that our dog does not bark when we are absent and does not bother the neighbors. The only thing we would achieve in this way is that the pet is frustrated and much more anxious. In addition, although it would be a solution to the noise that causes in the neighborhood, we would be acting in a cruel way with the animal.


If we follow all the indicated guidelines and our dog keeps barking, we should go to the veterinarian since the barking may be the symptom of a disease that we have not detected.