How to keep my cat's urine from smelling

If cats have anything, they are very clean and they are enough to clean themselves, without our help. In addition, it is not necessary either that we take them out for a walk to relieve themselves, but this also has its downside and that is that the tray on which the cat pees can become a focus of bad smell if we do not take precautions necessary. To improve the coexistence with the pet, in .com we give you an answer to the question of how to avoid that the urine of my cat smells .

Steps to follow:


The traditional sand that is sold in the stores of animals serves to absorb the urine of the cat, but does not have any component that neutralizes the smell. Therefore, we need to change it daily to avoid the bad smell, so this is a very expensive solution to achieve our goal, however there are alternatives that will help achieve the same goal without spending so much money.


When you go to buy the sand for the cat you have to see that the product incorporates some chemical element that neutralizes the smell but that it is not perfumed, because it is possible that the animal rejects the smell or additional perfume. Although it is more expensive in principle, in the long run we will save as we will replace it less frequently and, immediately, we will notice that the bad smell of urine disappears.

It is also essential that the sand is binder, this means that with the presence of urine solid balls will be made that will allow easy removal with the use of the rake, thus eliminating the focus of smell simply and quickly. It is recommended to pass the rake through the sand twice a day in order to clean the bowel movements and also the sand filled with urine.


It is very important, also, to avoid that the pee of the cat smells, that we have its tray in an aired place and as isolated as possible from the coexistence areas of the home. On the one hand, we will gain hygiene and, on the other, our pet will have more privacy.

It is essential that the sand is changed completely once a week, at which time it is also advisable to carry out a deep cleaning of the sandbox with the use of a mild detergent and with a delicate perfume or, if possible, absent, which will greatly improve the reduction of unpleasant aromas.


If the urine of the cat is excessively odorous, perhaps the feed we are providing to the pet is not sufficiently balanced and is taking products with many preservatives, so this is a subject that we will also have to monitor. In this article you will find recommendations on how to feed your cat.

It is also important to increase your water intake to avoid kidney problems and reduce the intensity of the smell of urination. In our article how to make my cat drink more water we give you keys to get it.