How to prevent the cat from biting the plants

If you have a cat you know it well: these animals are intelligent and very curious, always waiting to explore the world that surrounds them. That is why owners must pay close attention to their behavior to keep them completely safe and free of danger in our home.

And an important aspect is to do what possible because our cat behaves in the garden, because many plants are toxic to them, putting their lives at risk. In .com we give you some tips so that you know how to prevent the cat from biting the plants, thus guaranteeing its safety.

Steps to follow:


Cats love to play with flowers and plants, whether they dig into their land or simply nibble or scratch them, but this can often become a dangerous situation. If you have a cat at home it is highly recommended that you check which plants are toxic to cats, so you can eliminate or place in a place away from your garden those that represent a danger to the animal, making sure to avoid accidents.


We tend to believe that nature is wise and that pets always eat only those plants or foods that they know benefit them. But really they do not always know how to distinguish between a toxic plant and another that is not, that is why it is important that from small we accustom them to not eat or play with the garden plants.


When we go out with the cat to the garden it is important to observe its behavior, if we see it approaching the plants and fiddling with them we should gently move it away and say it in an energetic way . This must be repeated every time we see it in this attitude, in this way the animal will soon understand that it is forbidden to do so.


But since we can not always be on top of our cat, there are other simple tricks that will persuade the animal to play with plants. The first of these is to place orange peels on the ground, which have an acidic odor that is very unpleasant to our cat, so it will not get close to the plants.


A cotton well soaked with clove oil and placed in the soil of the plants is also another good way to deter the animal, because the aroma is unpleasant. With these two measures we will avoid that the cat plays with the earth and bites the plants.


But in the case of those taller foliage plants that are not attached to the ground, it is convenient to use another trick. It is a bitter apple spray that is sold in pet stores and leaves plants with a very unpleasant smell and taste for pets. This will help your cat stay away from your plants .


Do you want your cat to never pay attention to other things in your garden? Well plant a Nepeta Cataria plant, known as the cat mint, and you will see how the animal will never look at another plant. This herb is very stimulating for most cats, who are attracted to its smell, becoming highly sensitive to its effects. The Nepeta is not dangerous for the animal, and although it stimulates them and makes them spin or exercise, they do not run the risk of suffering any damage with it, so it is a good alternative to dissuade them from playing with other plants.


Educate your cat to keep it away from your plants, use these recommendations and always keep your curious and beloved animal safe.