How to avoid the gases of dogs

Gastrointestinal diseases, among which canine flatulence stand out. Although it may not seem like it, your dog may be suffering from abdominal pain and even colic, so it is recommended that you act if you notice that your pet emits gas frequently. Do not be discouraged, because this problem can be prevented and solved. In we teach you how to avoid the gases of dogs .

Control your weight

To begin, an instruction that will favor the prevention of flatulence in your dog is to dedicate yourself to maintain your weight and thus avoid fattening. For this it is useful to walk with him regularly as well as play throwing the ball, or any other exercise that can keep him active while having fun.

What diet is best for your dog?

On the other hand, food is very important, so you should buy dog ​​food exclusively, and forget to give most of the products consumed by people, especially processed foods and sweet snacks. Your feed should always be top quality, not containing flour or cereals but good nutrients, so you can do the digestion properly.

In addition you have to regulate your intake and not abuse the amount, so it is preferable to reduce your meals to twice a day so you can digest it better; You can expand this information in our article how much my dog ​​should eat. Also, we recommend that you avoid giving them soy and dairy products, and remember that foods high in sugars are impossible to digest.

Take a tour of your veterinarian

If you notice that your dog has more gas than normal, do not hesitate to go to your veterinarian for a diagnosis. This way you can study if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or another gastrointestinal problem, and your pet can return to normal with proper treatment.

Supplements for dogs

Probiotic supplements specific to dogs will help to relieve canine gases thanks to the contribution of digestive enzymes. These products produce healthy bacteria for the intestine. Consult your veterinarian before deciding on a type of supplement. Another option is that during two days you give your dog activated charcoal, which removes some of the unpleasant odor.

Modify the location of your plate

Finally, another resource is to raise your plate of food, because the more you bend down to take the food to your mouth more air will swallow during the process. With this solution you will also avoid stomach twisting in your pet, produced when your stomach is reversed by having too many gases accumulated.