How to check my tax data for rent

If you have already requested the draft, we recommend that before confirming it, you proceed to check your fiscal data in this way, with your reference number it will be very easy to access this fiscal information that you can verify both when requesting the draft and a posteriori. So do not stop reading How to check my tax data for rent .

You will need to:
  • reference number to access
  • Internet
Steps to follow:


From the same screen where you asked for the draft, you can access all your information. To do this, enter the reference number that arrived by SMS and click on Services to modify and confirm the draft.


In the next screen, you will see many links to different questions. In the central part of Available Services, search and click on Consult fiscal data .


In the next screen, you will be asked for the identification, that you accept the terms of use and that you enter the reference number. Click Access.


In the next screen you will see the tax data of the rent. Check that everything is correct and you can confirm the draft.