How to marry by proxy

Being the protagonist of a wedding is probably one of the happiest moments of our life . In spite of this, in some occasions the celebration can not be carried out in the usual way, but we also want to feel united to the person we love. In .com we explain how to marry by proxy, a way to commit ourselves to the person we love despite the distance .

What does it mean to marry by proxy?

For those people who want to compromise their love and are not physically together, there is the possibility of getting married by proxy . The marriage by proxy is carried out between people who want to get married but can not be present at the time of the wedding, because they are in different places or countries. The presence of one of the spouses is always necessary, and another person will be the proxy, that is, who receives the power from the absent spouse to carry out the marriage.

Normally it takes place between a person of Spanish nationality and another foreigner who does not have a visa to be in Spain. Once they have been married, the foreigner can apply for a visa to come to Spain at the consulate.

What does it take to get married by proxy?

The following documentation will be requested by the Administration, by both spouses.

  • Application form to contract the marriage
  • Birth certificate
  • Certification of singleness or ability to contract marriage (not married at that time)
  • Certification of whether the publication of edicts is necessary, depending on the country of the foreign spouse may or may not be necessary
  • Certificate of registration
  • Document proving the identity of the spouses

Besides, we need a Power of Attorney to authorize a person as a proxy, who can receive notifications, carry out the marriage record and consent to marriage. When we gather all these documents we must present them in the Civil Registry.