How to cancel a credit card

Surely on occasion we have been forced to cancel a credit card . If it has not been our case, it is possible that in the future we should do it. Cancellations can occur for various cases, be it theft, loss or simply to end up with a credit card that we no longer use or do not want to use anymore. In this situation, it is necessary to know how to cancel a credit card . A series of steps and recommendations that will be of great help to us.

Steps to follow:


Regardless of the reason for cancellation, there are many entities that require a series of requirements that must be met before the cancellation of a card . For this reason, and to avoid unnecessary surcharges, we must inform ourselves well of the conditions of the credit card that we have hired.


The first thing to do when canceling a credit card is to pay the outstanding balance . Even if it is a very small balance, if we do not pay it, it could increase by interest. In the event that the card has been stolen and used, we must make a complaint just at the time we find your theft.


The moment we pay the debt of our card, we must know that we can no longer use it. If we begin the cancellation procedures this card will have to be stopped, otherwise we will never be able to pay the amount or we will be able to cancel it.


After paying the debt we will contact the bank and we will communicate our intention to cancel and cancel the card . We can make the notification by several ways, either verbal, mail or by phone call. The ideal is to do so in a way that is consistent with our request. For this reason, certified letters are usually the best option.


During this process, the bank will ensure that your balance is effectively zero. Thus, once all the documentation has been delivered, and once it is verified that everything is correct, the banking institution must give us proof of this procedure. Usually it is a cancellation number . This will be the legal confirmation of the cancellation of the credit card.