How to change the testament

The will, a document that will record our last will for when we are no longer there, can be done at any time of our life. Therefore, throughout our existence, a number of causes could cause us to change our opinion and wish to change some issues related to our inheritance. In .com we explain how to change the testament .


Steps to follow:


Life subjects us to changes of special relevance that could modify what we already decided with respect to our last will. Among the most common reasons for wanting to rectify a will are a separation or divorce, a substantial transformation of the personal situation of an heir, disaffection and family quarrels, illnesses, changes in ways of thinking, accidents, among other aspects.


It is good to know that the testament is a voluntary act that is fundamentally revocable and that means that we can change it and modify it as many times as we think convenient throughout our lives. In some states the act will be carried out through a new testament that will revoke the previous one and in other places a codicil will be necessary.


The codicil is an annex document, made after the original will, through which we can modify some or some of the sections of our first testamentary will. Its use is habitual in some American states that do not allow the total annulment of a testament and in fact, through the codicil, what they allow is the partial modification. Anyway, in these places you also have the power to carry out as many codes as we consider necessary throughout our lives.


In any case, changing the will is a simple act and its cost will depend on the type of testament we have made. In case our last wish we had expressed before a notary, we must go to their services to make the new testament, paying their emoluments. However, there are already notaries that foresee this possibility and, in making a will, offer the testator the possibility of changing his mind for a special and cheaper rate.


In the case of the holographic testament, this is that we have written it ourselves, we will only have to write another one with a current date. This does not imply any cost. However, it will generate expenses for our beneficiaries, since the holographic testament must be notarized, this is validated judicially and formalized before a notary, at the request of any party.