How to avoid fear of the veterinarian in cats

When it comes to going for a check-up with the doctor, pets often get extremely nervous and in the case of cats, the recurring meows, scratches and attempts to escape are not long in coming. Their size and agility allows them to hide in any space or climb a high place so as not to face the dreaded doctor but in your hands are some solutions to this problem so in .com we tell you how to avoid the fear of the veterinarian in cats to make this visit a more pleasant experience for both.

Steps to follow:


Taking your cat to the veterinarian can not be a stressful event for you, believe it or not, we transmit security to our pets and if you are also anxious it will be very difficult to control the situation


Never wait until the last moment to take out the basket where you transport the cat. A few days before you place it next to your sleeping place, put a blanket and a toy inside and give the animal the opportunity to enter and exit. It's even good that you play with him near the box that does not associate the site with an unpleasant ride


In veterinary clinics and pet stores they sell products to spray on the blanket or pillow and soothe the animal. They are not always recommended but they work very well if your cat is very restless or gets too nervous


Never open the basket until you are inside the consultation . The waiting room of the veterinarian could generate a lot of anxiety for your cat and cause it to panic and try to escape, so do your best to keep the situation under control


When you open the basket, remove the cat with care and comfort it, hold it firmly so that it does not try to jump but at the same time give it affection so that its fear diminishes


If you are one of those who speaks frequently to your pet then do not hesitate to do so you will surely be used to this situation and will feel more comforted


While examining, always stay in the field of vision of the animal, having the owner in the room will make you feel protected and safe


If your cat is rescued, especially if you adopted it in adulthood, it is very normal to feel more panic to the situation in this case consult your doctor if you agree to apply a soothing product to reduce your anxiety


Be patient, even humans experience fear when visiting certain doctors. Animals also feel anxious about the unknown, that's why much calm everything will pass faster than both think