How is a Podenco

The Podenco is a dog breed little known, its origin is very old and was considered a hunting dog . There are different breeds of Podencos, and it is believed that their origin dates back to Ancient Egypt, specifically the Tesem race. They were dogs that came to the Mediterranean coasts thanks to the Phoenicians. In the following .com article, we are going to tell you how a Podenco is .

Steps to follow:


The FCI (Federación Cinológica Internacional) considers the Podencos as hunting dogs and recognizes 5 breeds:

  • Ibicenco Podenco.
  • Podenco Portuguese.
  • Canary Podenco.
  • Pharaoh Hound.
  • Cirneco del etna.


The silhouette of the Podenco is unique, it is very beautiful, tall, stylized and with very well defined lines. It has a very thin constitution, and is a very agile and resistant hunter. Their front legs are long and straight, and their fingers are arched. And the hind legs are equally long, strong and imposing.


It has large, long, pointy and very expressive ears . In general, his appearance is very graceful, elegant and portentous. The head is long, thin and with a prominent forehead. And it has a long and somewhat convex snout. They have beautiful amber or honey eyes, almond-shaped and very showy, sometimes they have some pigmentation on the edge.


The tail of the Podenco is long and reaches the column. When they are very happy they put their tails high and they are adorable. In general, it can be said that it is a strong, fast, resistant and very elegant breed of dog.


If the Podenco dog breed stands out for something, it is because it has very developed senses . Thanks to having a sight, a nose and a so privileged ear, are one of the best hunting dogs, which unfortunately makes them hunter targets and often, terrible cases of abuse are discovered.


The Podenco dog breed is very intelligent and independent . Quite reserved with strangers, but loves with intensity to its owners. They are very sensitive when you scold them, sometimes you may be a while without seeing them or very down, but you must dedicate time to their education because they are very active and naughty . Usually have a puppy behavior until almost 3 years, say that mature slowly, which gives you time to educate well.


They love being part of family life and spending time indoors, but do not forget that they need a lot of trotting to satisfy their hunter's instinct . It is not the typical protective dog, but a good watchman. If there is any problem or danger, be sure it will warn you.


The Podenco is a dog that usually gets along well with other pets and children, but it is convenient that the presentations to the little ones are done with some supervision since it is a pack dog and it may be difficult for him to understand that people are the ones they send. The most recommendable thing is to present them at 2 or 3 months at the most, if it is done later the adaptation is complicated, although that is not impossible. After these steps, your Podenco will be a loyal, sweet dog and a great and fun company.