How is a Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier originated in the United Kingdom in the mid-nineteenth century, at first was used as a buzzard for houses, but the repeated crossings between the various races (Manchester Terrier, Skye Terrier, Dandie Dinmonty and also the Maltese), gave as a result a smaller and more alert dog, very good for hunting, and at the same time easy to hide in case of poaching. But soon, the Yorkshire Terrier was revealed as an animal full of sparkle and glamor and liked the bourgeois of the region and the race began to become a dog of luxury and company.

Physical characteristics

The Yorkshire Terrier is a compact and small dog, its weight does not usually exceed 6kg, the average is about 3kg. It has long hair, whose coat falls smooth, straight, shiny and silky, its shades of hair can be silver-blue or bright steel blue, sometimes accompanied by a golden fire color on its head, but without reaching the neck. It has a compact and harmonious appearance. The head is rather flat and small, in its facial region it is necessary to emphasize its black nose and its short snout. Presents dark, medium, bright eyes and directed forward with a very intelligent expression. Its ears are small, V-shaped, not very separated, erect and covered with hair. They tend to be dark intense.


For their fun, affectionate, playful, curious behavior they make the Yorkshire Terrier a perfect companion animal. It has the characteristics of tenacity and courage, typical of a larger dog. Its small size make it very manageable. He loves to be pampered and his behavior with children is ideal provided they do not pull his hair or ears. He knows how to communicate his feelings and intentions. He does not like to be alone and he loves to go out and take long walks.


He is a very clever dog and for this his owner must be firm in his decisions to be able to change the bad habits of the dog. Due to its delicate hair, it is necessary an abundant and daily brushing. It is very apt to live in flats or houses not very spacious due to its little need of physical exercise.


The Yorkshire Terrier suffers the same problems as other breeds so small, such as spinal problems, dislocation of the patella and tibia. It also usually adeciar digestive problems and diarrhea.


The Yorkshire Terrier has a compact body and of good proportions, in spite of its size, with a very well sustained back and moderately arched ribs. Its tail is usually amputated to a medium length, with abundant bluish hair darker than the body.