How to look for a job in Madrid

The Community of Madrid is one of the richest in Spain and, because it is the capital, the offer of work is much greater than in other autonomous regions. Madrid is one of the most important worker recruitment centers in Spain, but that makes competition fierce to get a job, so making a good CV and looking to stand out from the rest is essential. In .com we give you some tips to discover how to look for work in Madrid.

Steps to follow:


A good way to look for work in the Spanish capital, is to go to the website of the Community of Madrid. In this space you will find all the jobs that are offered specifically in this autonomy, so you will not have to select by areas or perform discard processes as in the general employment webs, this way you will invest the time to look for work in Madrid an effective form.


Many of the most important companies in Spain have their main headquarters in the city of Madrid, which is why job offers are greater in this autonomy. Get organized and prepare a list of companies in your sector that are located in this city. Locate your web pages and check if they publish their job offers online or if they have a database or email to send your CV.

Send your resume to all organizations of interest, and monitor frequently if they are searching for new jobs.


Search Google the keyword related to your profession and add Madrid, visit all the websites that appear in the first five pages of the search engine, are the most interesting job offers in the city and to which you must apply. Remember that when it comes to finding work in Madrid you should explore different possibilities to find the job you are looking for.


There are many reference pages when looking for a job in Madrid and anywhere else in Spain. It is important that you are registered in these portals and that your CV is very well updated, it is also recommended that you take the option to receive information about new job offers, so you will always be up to date. Infojobs, Indeed and Infoempleo are the most relevant job search websites in Spain.


Buy local newspapers in Madrid or visit their websites to find work in Madrid, many people still prefer this medium to advertise their jobs. Another good alternative is to visit the best-known companies in Madrid, especially in the periods of major hiring, September and January, and leave your CV. Before doing so, make sure they accept your resume in physical form, as many organizations only receive the curriculum online.


Prepare an attractive curriculum, highlight the best of you and your work experience and search insistently. With patience and perseverance you can find work in Madrid.

  • To increase your chances of finding work in Madrid, you must have updated the curriculum vitae.
  • It is advisable to attach to your CV a cover letter explaining your motivation to get this job.