How to encourage an employee

Motivation at work is essential if we want to be more productive and thus achieve job success. That your workers go to their posts without desire, arrive late or work slowly are symptoms that something is not working properly. The bad behaviors, in general, are the result of the lack of desire, motivation and encouragement on the part of employees, who sometimes may have a feeling of disparagement on the part of the company. If you notice that your workers do not give everything they can give at work, read this article carefully. In .com we explain how to encourage an employee . With these motivation techniques you will help your workers to feel useful again and achieve success both personally and in their professional goals.

Steps to follow:


Listening is key. Offer your employees the opportunity to give their opinion. Listen to them to know what they need : more responsibility, more money, more free time or feel more fulfilled by contributing ideas. Each worker will have his reasons why he feels unmotivated. Pay attention and attend to what happens in each particular case, so it will be easier to find solutions.


Observe them. Many times for fear of reprimands your employees will not say exactly what they think or what they need to give everything in their job. Observe and capture their signals to know exactly their motivational needs .


Reaction. When you know why your workers are not motivated, create an action plan. With it you should achieve personal and professional success. Hold conversations with your team members and manage professional roles. Search for projects or relocate your employees to make them feel better. Find that they yield more and feel better with this new project.


Be a reference The best thing for your employees to respect you is that you are a leader and a reference for them. You must transmit your ethics, your motivation and your passions, that is, preach by example. Show your dedication for the company so that your employees follow your motivation. It's about motivational influence and leadership management.


Stimulation You must ensure that your workers appreciate their work, that they feel valued and gratified. So, always praise them, use the formulas "good work" or "thank you for your effort". Show them appreciation and affection, in this way they will wish to please you more and work even harder. Set goals and offer rewards and if necessary hold a private meeting to thank your worker.


Give responsibility and delegate tasks . Show your faith in the team and propose new leaderships so that work and productivity procedures are more efficient . Providing ownership will make every employee feel important and enjoy the pressure of having more responsibilities and rewards under his command. They will improve their performance.


More knowledge It is necessary that your team is well trained. Make your employees improve and increase their intellectual skills . Give them the necessary tools to grow their skills and so they can do their job better, which will allow them to grow within the company. This will benefit them and the company equally.


Update the company. That employees work with old operating systems or do not have good tools to perform their tasks will make them less efficient and feel more discouraged. Try to keep the company updated and make it more competitive with the latest technologies . They will be grateful to you.


Resolution of conflicts . They can appear in your company and you must be ready to solve them quickly, so your employees will feel protected and confident. If there are any workers who upset and disobey business ethics, take action. Try not to have prejudices, investigate the problem and make coherent and appropriate decisions. Talk to all the parties involved in the conflict. Take command!


If after giving them encouragement, thanking them for the effort and work and giving them useful tools for their personal and professional development the thing does not work, your employee may not fit in the company and you must make a determination regarding it. Be consistent .