How to rent my house safely

After the large number of homes built during the housing bubble, many Spaniards have two or more homes in their possession, so they see a good business opportunity in their rent, in order to cover the costs involved. However, there are always many doubts about whether the new tenants will be the perfect rented that we all dream, current payment and do not give problems. In this article of .com we will give you some tricks to rent our house safely.

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Steps to follow:


The first step to rent a house safely is to carefully examine the tenants, that is, those people who will start living in the house and who will pay the corresponding rent. We would all like our tenants to be clean people, not to make a fuss and bring all payments up-to-date, but all this sometimes is not possible. Some of the ways to obtain additional guarantees are:

  • Demonstration of work contract, to know the solvency of the tenant.
  • Ask for references from previous tenants.


In addition, if we want to be completely sure of the solvency of our tenant, we can go to a register of defaulters, to know if he has ever belonged or been found on said list. We can also ask for the existence of an endorsement, be it a bank or a person related to the tenant, who assures us that we will receive the corresponding charges for the rent.


A measure used by most tenants, is to request a deposit at the time of formalization of the contract. Generally the bond is usually equivalent to a month or two of rent . It is used to deal with the damage that may have caused the tenant during your stay, and in the case that the house is as when it was delivered, we proceed to the full refund of the deposit to the tenant.


Another way to rent safely and perfectly regulated, is to do it through some of the agencies that have City Councils and Autonomous Communities -we will have to inform us where we are concerned-, since many offer a management service between tenants and landlords, which regularizes the circumstances of the contract and the rent, which provides an additional guarantee to both.


One possibility is also that, both the landlord and the tenant, negotiate key points of the contract, so that both are satisfied with what they sign and know perfectly the consequences of their actions. Some important points are:

  • Notice time to leave the home or for the owner to decide to make personal use of it.
  • Conditions of the house in its delivery and at the moment of leaving it.
  • Evolution of the rental price in the coming months / years.
  • Distribution of expenses. The most typical is the payment of the community, which must decide if it is paid by the tenant or the landlord.
  • If there is a right to purchase the home.


We can also consider hiring a rental insurance, which can cover the delinquency of the tenant or the damage that this may cause in the property. In case that happened, we suggest you consult our article How to expel a tenant who does not pay.