How to save gas when driving a car

Every day it is more important, for many reasons, that we have economic driving at the wheel of our car. The reasons are obvious and important, the most important is to reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere and reduce the destruction of the ozone layer. In addition to moderate the consumption of gasoline improves our family economy and reduces the dependence we have on oil. On the other hand not only is it beneficial for our environment to save gasoline while driving but also for our pocket since it extends the life of the car and reduces the risk of have car accidents. It seems clear that saving gas when driving our car is not only beneficial for us but for our families, society and planet, is what is called ecodriving . Here are some tips to save gas:

Steps to follow:


Avoid accelerations, have a smooth driving. Using the engine brake and anticipating maneuvers help us save gasoline .


Drive with long gears to keep the engine speed low.


Plan the route, always looking for the shortest route.


Do not abuse the air conditioning, you are checking that it allows us to save gasoline.


Carry the windows closed, improves the aerodynamics of the car and reduces the resistance.


Having the tires properly inflated, the tire pressure must be as marked by the manufacturer. A little inflated tire increases the resistance of the car.


Renew the car if it is more than 10 years old and does not have emission control systems.

  • The goal should not be to reduce gasoline consumption but to have a safe driving, that leads us to improve fuel efficiency.
  • It is important to have the vehicle in perfect condition of revision and before doing long runs take it to the workshop to make a complete revision.