How to save credit card expenses

A credit card is very useful for our purchases, because it allows a postponement of payments until the end of the month but, and more in times of crisis, it has to be used head-on and responsibly. If you do not know how to control the expenses of purchases made with a credit card, in .com we show you how you can do it with a few simple steps.

Steps to follow:


A simple option is to reduce the credit limit of the card, because when you reach this limit you will not be able to pay more with the card.


In order not to find that we have already used the credit limit of the card, we can write down our expenses in a notebook and thus control the expenses that we can still do.


Another way to control your expenses with the credit card is to keep the tickets of the purchases that you make, which will allow you to know the credit used and the one that you still have to use. In addition, this will allow you to return the product if necessary.


To control the charges, the credit used and the money in your account, it is advisable to conduct online reviews periodically. Also, in this way, you can avoid possible fraudulent charges.


Another option is to link your credit card to an account with less money, avoiding that excess purchases with it seriously affect the family economy .

  • For more information and to solve any doubt, contact your usual or trusted bank.