How to save on the reform of your home

Make a reform of the home is an investment that we have to do many times in our homes to replace old equipment, improve energy efficiency or simply give a new air to our home. However, although it may be profitable over time, at first it is an important investment, so it is always convenient to know how to save on the reform of your home . If you want to know all the keys to get an economic work, keep reading this article and discover them.

Steps to follow:


Although it may involve a larger outlay, in the long run it is more likely that it will be cheaper to make a great reform than many small ones. That is why, perhaps, it is more profitable to wait, if you do not have anything urgent to replace in the house, and do it all at once.


In case you are going to make structural changes in your home you will have to have the signature of an architect . If you hire a professional of this type or an interior designer they can also advise you on the materials and the distribution of them to get a better result with the work, and they can also direct it, so you will not have to be at all times pending of each element.


If instead of hiring a director of works you will be responsible for this work, take the time it takes to find the right materials. Compare prices between different suppliers and go to factories or to balance stores rather than to traditional retail stores, where you can find the cheapest product.


Get at least three quotes without commitment and choose the highest quality-price. Try to include a clause in case of breach of deadlines, and that the budget is detailed and has all the concepts.


Do not buy the right amount of material, but a little more than necessary because it is likely that during the reform there is a break or something is wasted.


What will make your reform more profitable in the future is how it will influence the energy consumption of your home. It is worth investing a little more in getting a good thermal insulation if this will cause you to spend less electricity on heating, for example. Good window coverings and efficient lighting of the rooms, for example, can make your extra investment pay off in a few years, and then save you some good money.


The thermal insulators in facades and floors will also reduce the need to turn on the heating and improve the comfort of your home. Rock wool and polyurethane foam are usually suitable materials to reinforce the interior of the walls of the house.


Replace your conventional bulbs with LEDs or energy saving bulbs, with which you can save up to 70% on normal lighting costs. The condensing boilers also help the energy efficiency of your home instead of the normal radiators.

Appliances are another of the most consumed items in the home. If you choose them with the AA + certificate, you will help your electricity consumption to be less.


Consult the aids and deductions applicable for the reform of your home, with which you can obtain the maximum benefit when saving in your reform. Check both those offered by the Government, through the Ministry of Development, as those provided by the Autonomous Communities.