How to save money in times of crisis - the best tips

With the economic crisis, many families and households have the problem of how to make ends meet. And, in these years, there has been a decline or freeze of wages, while many prices have risen. In short, people have to face a greater expense with less money each month.

And if it is difficult to cover all fixed monthly expenses with income, it is even more important to save. In we are going to give you a series of tips so you can learn how to save money in times of crisis . Also, we promise that you will not have to make great efforts or sacrifices.

Budget to save money in times of crisis

To save in times of crisis, one of the best tools there is the planning of household accounts . How is it done? Through a budget in which you only need to record the income and expenses that are made.

In this way, you can have a first idea of ​​how much money is available each month and how it is spent, in order to make a more optimal redistribution of that spending and get a monthly amount to save.

Keys to save every month in fixed costs

Within the budget, in the first place, all the expenses that are fixed and that have to be paid each month must be noted, as is the case of electricity, water, gas, telephone, heating, the receipt of the community., the mortgage, the cost in pharmacy if one is chronically ill, etc.

Although some of these receipts vary depending on the consumption that is made, in the budget an estimate must be collected pulling up . That is, if we observe that, for example, telephone, is paid monthly between 20 and 30 euros, we will put the highest figure: 30 euros. It's better than not missing. If less is spent, that amount will be used for savings.

With this type of receipts you can get save every month, being convenient to review what you have contracted and optimize its use. For example, in the light, one tariff may be more interesting than another, or the contracted power may be lowered because it is very high and is not required for the job that is done. Also ADSL contracts and subscriptions to television or series platforms because do you really use them as much as to pay? It is an approach that also has to be done with insurance and any other fixed expense you have.

The keys to saving on food

A person or family can save significantly on food . The trick is to allocate a reasonable monthly budget. That is, with that amount, basic needs must be met and some amount must be contemplated in order to indulge.

To save, the key is to go to the supermarket with a ready-made list of the products that are needed and stick to it. It is not good to get carried away by the offers, although you always have to compare the price of a product to see which store has a cheaper price.

Before buying, you should think if that food, even if it is cheap, is needed. And, of course, you have to flee from those 3x2 promotions, from the second unit to 50 percent, etc., especially when those products or brands are not used very much. You have to be reasonable and think about how much of that food is consumed. Because if the use in the kitchen is minimal, why do we want three units even if they give us the third to buy two? Actually, more will be spent and the product will end up in the trash.

It is also very important to go shopping without being hungry . It is shown that people who go to the supermarket or the grocery store with "full stomach" do not get carried away by the presence of certain items and buy only what is fair.

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Tips to enjoy leisure and save in times of crisis

Wanting to save does not mean having to give up leisure, although maybe you have to make some changes. For example, if you want to go to the cinema, it is better to do it on the day when there are promotions.

When it comes to coffee, it is also good to opt for establishments that have more affordable prices . Travel is a source of savings because there are promotions, low cost flights, etc., that help you enjoy destinations for a lower price.

Normally, always with good planning and being aware that you can not spend more than a certain amount, you get to save every month even if it is "a little bit". They are simple gestures with which there is no reason to give up anything, but with which, at the end of the year, we realize that it is really an important amount.

Since we hope that these tips on how to save money in times of crisis have been useful and you can enjoy the day to day without the domestic economy is adversely affected.