How to save water at home

Water is one of the most important substances on planet Earth since all the life forms that inhabit it need it. In our homes it is enough to open a tap to obtain it, but every time it becomes more necessary to take advantage of it. This need not to waste water is not only for environmental reasons but also to reduce the economic costs in this time of crisis. In this .com article we are going to see some tips on how to save water at home .

You will need to:
  • Awareness that water should not be squandered
Steps to follow:


The good use of water in the home happens to be aware that you should not waste this essential good but at the same time scarce of nature. Much of the expense of water is related to the use we make of the elements of the bathroom.


We take better advantage of the water if we shower instead of bathing . Another element of great expense is the cistern of the toilet; we can install one with a regulator that releases more or less water or simply insert a bottle of water into the cistern that makes the water recharged for each use less.


The taps are another of the main responsible for waste. For example, you have to fix those faucets that drip, because drop by drop a lot of water is wasted. It can be placed under the faucets that drip a basin and then reuse that water. When brushing our teeth we can use a glass of water to rinse our mouth instead of leaving the tap open. We can also leave the tap closed while we soap in the shower.


When cleaning our dishes, we will use the dishwasher when it is complete and not at half load. If we choose to scrub the utensils, we will lightly fill a container with water where we will introduce the dirty dishes. Then we will put the soap in the scourer and we will go through each element of the crockery. Once all the utensils have been properly soaped and rubbed, we can leave them clean by rinsing them with tap water.


The washing machine will not be used at half load but we will use it with a good amount of clothes inside.


If we have a garden or roof, we can reuse water before turning to the tap. For example the water to cook the vegetables once it has cooled is excellent for watering our plants. We can also place a basin in our patio or roof that will fill by itself when it rains and we will have water to water daily.


Also, it is important that you consider how to save hot water, since in addition to spending this scarce resource, you will be consuming the energy necessary to heat it.