How to save daily

There are multiple ways to save money on a day-to-day basis . There are simple actions that we do every day and that suppose an unnecessary expense, small details to which we are accustomed and that we can modify if we want to save more money.

We can make a slight adjustment in food, service bills or entertainment expenses to increase savings and not waste unnecessary things. If you are a thrifty spirit, do not miss this and many other articles that we have that will give you simple alternatives of how to save daily, and thus be able to use that money in any other plan that you have in mind.

Discount coupons

How many of you are annoyed by the discount coupons you give in the supermarkets? Try to give them a second chance. Carefully store the coupons and place them with a magnet in the refrigerator or view, in this way you can keep in mind the products you need to buy and the discounts offered by the coupons. It's not that complicated, it's just a matter of organization.

Expiration in sight

If you are one of those who usually go to the supermarket one or more times per week, then you have an option that will allow you to save. Many times supermarkets make special offers for those products that have a near expiration date. Buy these products, which are not expired, of course, will involve a discount of up to 40% of the value of it. In the same way, we recommend you to know what is the difference between the expiration date and preferred consumption so that you know what foods contain each type of date.

Fashion that works

Do you like to invest money in fashion? If the answer is yes but you have to save for future plans, you have an option that, in addition to showing off fashion, is very practical. It is a question of buying "closet bottom" pieces that are classic and above all timeless . The trick is that you can combine them at any time of the year and highlight them with the right accessories. Accessories such as women's purses ideally made of leather, resistant and of good quality. And if you also enjoy a timeless design, you can use it for many years.


An alternative increasingly in use is the upcycling, which consists of the transformation of old or unused parts to give them new life . The upcycling can be done with old objects that can be transformed into furniture for the home, for your ecological garden or even in fashion, converting old pieces of clothing -for example- into completely different ones.

Compare prices

Before buying, create the habit of comparing the prices of what you need. In the supermarket, for example, you can opt for white label products, which are those that have a high quality and lower prices. Or, if you plan to travel, use a comparator of flights and stays. Internet has many possibilities to help you in your day to day, take advantage of everything.

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