How is an angora cat

Cats are mammals belonging to the species of cats, they are domestic animals very used to living with humans. Although they can not be trained as easily as dogs, they are able to assimilate some concepts and retain them to perform simple mechanisms. There are more than fifty different breed types of cats: with more hair, lighter, darker or with spots. There are also some genetic mutations that have resulted in cats without hair or even without glue. One of the most listened cat breeds is the Angora cat . In this article we explain in detail what an Angora cat looks like .

Physical aspects

The Angora cat has its origin in Anakara (Turkey). It is one of the oldest known breeds and, for this reason, many cats with long hair are often mistakenly named "angora".

An Angora cat is small to medium in size, with an elegant appearance. The weight in the females varies between three and three and a half kilos and in the case of the males, they can exceed four and a half kilos. They have semi-long hair, very silky and white. The tail stands out for having a large amount of hair. In males, a "collar" of hair can be created around the neck at two or three years.

The hind legs of the Angora cats are taller than the front ones and the tail is lower than the rest of the body. The ears are large and pointed, and the eyes are large and oval. The color can vary between amber, copper, green, blue or combined with each other. It is a cat with an elegant and slender appearance.

Temperament of the Angora cat

The Angora cats are intelligent and faithful with their masters. They live in contact with humans and like tranquility. They are very cuddly cats and usually go after the owner asking for attention, although without being caught in their arms, they look for more caresses.

They are curious cats and observers . They are usually in a corner of the house watching the movements of the owners. In addition, it is a kind of agile cat that likes to climb to observe from high places.

They are ready and able to attend to some orders if they are taught. They are delicate cats, rarely break some house ornament, although they are playful and it is advisable to have an exclusive fabric toy for them.