How to open a will

A testament is the legal form by which someone expresses his or her personal desire for how their assets and assets are to be distributed after their death, determining who desires to inherit it. One of the doubts that heirs usually have is how to carry out the process of opening the will to know its contents. In .com we give you the keys that will help you to know how to open a testament without complications.

Steps to follow:


We must obtain the literal certificate of death of the person who has made the will of which we are heirs. This procedure can be done in the Civil Registry.


Subsequently, we must go to the General Register of Last Will Acts to request the certificate of said registration. In it we will know if the person had a will made, and we must provide the certificate from the previous step.


In the case of the existence of the will, the persons who are heirs according to the legislation or who were entitled to said inheritance, shall request this document from the notary with which the testator carried it out. This procedure can be done in person or by mail.


The notary will inform the heirs who requested the opening of the contents of the will about the details. Taking into account the inheritance that is available, the heirs will agree on the signature of the partition book, where said inheritance is accepted and distributed.