How is the Pinscher breed of dogs

Many believe that the Pinscher is a small Doberman but, despite the resemblance, has no relationship. It is a miniature dog breed originally from the German Pinscher family. And it was used in its origin to hunt rodents especially rats.

Pinscher means "teether" but, despite that nickname, is a loving, sweet and playful puppy. The Pinscher is a very old breed of dog and its records have been recognized since 1880. From .com, we tell you about the Pinscher dog breed.

Steps to follow:


The Pinscher is a medium, compact and strong dog. It weighs around 4 and 6 kilos, and measures approximately between 25 and 30 cm. It has a very solid and well-formed body.

It has a short coat and attached to its skin, very fine and elegant appearance.

Its body structure is very balanced, a curved neck, a head that is tuned, high ears and very bright, dark and oval eyes.


The Pinscher is a very smart and fast dog in his learning : he learns with ease the rules of obedience and any type of game. He likes to please his family, so if you teach him well, he will easily obey you. In this article we give you some tips for your dog to obey you.

He is possessive and stubborn, he feels that the people around him belong to him and he will not stop until he catches your attention even doing some grace. It adapts easily to changes in the environment, can live great in an apartment as in a large house.


The Pinscher is a very curious dog, you have to be aware because you can get into a lot of trouble. When you play the classic game with him, do not let him loose in a space that is not fenced and try to take the strap if you are in an open area.

If you play in your own garden keep an eye on the area and there is nothing dangerous (glass, toxic plants, tools, etc.). You must also control the holes that have put the Pincher can escape. If your dog has escaped, in this article we give you some tips so you know how to find your dog.


You also have to be careful with the Pinscher inside the house . We have commented that it is a gossip of care, so be careful with having small objects at your fingertips. Do not play with him or with the cushions of the sofa since it will seem very fun to take out the filling. You must also take care not to bite wires. In short: you have to monitor the behavior of your Pinscher a lot and take the time to educate him.

In this article we inform you about the most common mistakes when it comes to educating a dog, take note of them and try to avoid them.


Pinschers are high performance dogs, have a lot of energy, so they require some physical and mental activity. You must dedicate time to train your pet, do not think that because of its size does not require any kind of education, remember that they are a little naughty and you should try to control that attitude. If you misbehave, let them know that this behavior should not be repeated. The best thing is to reward obedience, you do not have to choose physical punishment.


It is often said that the Pinscher is aggressive and barks a lot but this type of behavior is always controlled with a good education since he is a puppy. With a clear and direct language you can get your dog to behave, if you do not get it you can use a spray of water. Your dog must recognize how he should behave and it is your responsibility to know what is appropriate and what is not.

In this article we teach you how to educate your puppy so that it does not bite.