How to open a McDonald's franchise

On another occasion we have talked about the business model of franchising, a very attractive option for those who want to start a business with a low risk margin and a lot of support from the big brands. In the franchises, McDonald's is one of the largest, being really attractive when it comes to mounting this type of business. So, if you are interested, we show you how to open a McDonald's franchise .

Steps to follow:


McDonald's is one of the largest and best-known chains of fast food restaurants in the world. It has a presence in more than 100 countries and serves more than 60 million people each day. Without a doubt, it is a very attractive option when opening a franchise.


The first step we must take is to make a study of the economic conditions that are presented to us. Thinking if we are willing to undertake the initial investment and if we like this business model.


McDonald's ensures that the owners of their franchises have business experience, entrepreneurial spirit, a work ethic consistent with theirs and sufficient liquid assets. If we meet all the requirements indicated on your website when requesting information about the franchise, we will have a very important step.


To open a McDonald's franchise, we must go to their website and fill out the application for the Mc Donald's franchise. We can present the completed document online or print it and send it by mail.


After this step, the multinational itself will contact us to start a series of interviews . We must be calm, confident and eager to start this new business. The interviewees will spend three days in a real restaurant of the franchise so they can learn the whole operation.


If after two or three interviews we are still in the process, it is a really positive sign, we are very close to opening a McDonald's franchise .


We will have to submit to a series of courses to be able to obtain ownership of the franchise. This training will last approximately nine months to a year. During this time we will be able to understand how this business works, learning everything necessary to start up our restaurant.


We must determine if we will buy a local of the existing franchise or acquire a new location. This is important, because the truth is that the expenses are significantly different.


When we have our physical business, we will only have to hire the relevant team of employees and pay the monthly rates of our franchise or rent. These rental and service rates will be calculated as a percentage of the sales we make monthly.