How is the Shih Tzu race

The name of the dog breed Shih Tzu comes from the Chinese word "lion dog", and is that this little one was bred to look like a lion, being similar to the representation of the typical Chinese guardian lions of oriental art. The origin of this race dates back to the 17th century, however it was not until 1934 that it was recognized by the Peking Kennel Club and almost 20 years later it arrived in the West. In .com, we tell you what the Shih Tzu race is like .

Steps to follow:


The Shih Tzu is a small dog breed, but despite its small size it is very strong and robust, they are very resistant and love to go for long walks. If something characterizes this type of dog is its head, in fact according to the standard its face is described as with "chrysanthemum aspect", hence that lovely expression.

The color and its hair is a very distinctive feature of the breed. In fact, its long, thick and silky coat is very colorful and valued in dog shows. Regarding color, there are many types although the most common is white with gray or black touches.


If you dare to share your life with a Shih Tzu you are in luck, because it is a very intelligent race, active, awake, affectionate and also independent. He likes to have things to do, is very observant and loves to look for entertainment.

They love the company of people, especially that of their master. Although they are very clever, they are not particularly obedient, due to their independent nature, although it is a breed that gets along well with other animals, you just have to dedicate time to the relevant presentations.


It is a generally quite strong and healthy breed, although we can name some typical problems that it may suffer. Due to its small and short nasal cavity, it usually costs a bit to breathe, and it is very common to hear small snoring, but it does not usually present a problem. Since they have a somewhat long back, they can suffer back problems when they get older. And another common problem is that having bulging eyes, can hurt and ulcers occur.


The care of the coat of this breed is very important. It has a considerable amount of hair and requires very constant hairstyles and washes, because if knots are created in the sublayer they are very difficult to remove. So before you get infatuated with this breed, think about this aspect.