How to open a bank account

At present the contact between the human being and the money has become less and less physical and more virtual. In many cases our money does not even see it. A large part of the movement that makes money today is through bank accounts . When opening a bank account we can start to perform the most common operations such as depositing money, payroll or checks, making transfers, domiciling bills, etc. In .com we give you the keys so you know, how to open a bank account easily.

Steps to follow:


Keep in mind that bank accounts are contracts between customers and banks, where customers make deposits in the entities. When talking about bank accounts there are 2 most common types. On the one hand the current accounts, where the holder makes income from funds in a bank. On the other hand , savings accounts, where deposits are made in exchange for a return.


Spanish legislation distinguishes 2 types of modalities to open a bank account. On the one hand, there are Spaniards and foreign residents and, on the other hand, non-resident foreigners . The general requirement for Spaniards is to go to the bank with their DNI . In the case of resident foreigners, they must go with their NIE .


The general requirement that non-resident foreigners need in order to obtain a bank account in Spain is a certificate of non-residence . They will be presented at the bank with this document along with an identification document such as the passport, identity document of their country, driver's license, etc.


Once the general requirements for Spaniards, resident and non-resident foreigners are clarified, comment that each bank can request a series of variable requirements such as making an income of some amount, showing a payroll, requesting a photo, fingerprint, cover letter, among other.