How is the Canary prey

The origin of the canary prey dog or also known as canary bulldog can be traced back to Gran Canaria and Tenerife. In fact, there are sources that claim that the archipelago gets its name from this animal. Together with the cardón, it is considered the natural and emblematic symbol of the Island of Gran Canaria. The Canary prey is the result of several crosses between the dog the majorero, a native of the area and the molosso dogs, who arrived from Great Britain. In .com we tell you how the Canary prey is .

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To know how the Canary prey is, it is important to know a little about its history. Its population increased considerably during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and, at that time, it was considered a cattle herder and a perfect guardian. The English settlers extended their sports traditions related to the dog as a perfect fighter, as a result of these activities, some changes in its morphology took place. Not only was he a cowherd dog or guardian, but he was a good fighter.

From that moment, the changes suffered by this race are linked to his traits as a fighter. From the 40s of the twentieth century dog ​​fights were banned in Spain and it was not until the 70s when the islands began the recovery of their native race.


It is a dog of molossoid type, of medium-large size, therefore, a can of body very proportioned and rustic. It has the longest trunk, which makes its figure is elongated, its head snub and with a solid appearance. On the other hand, its neck is shorter than the head, and in its lower area has a soft chin.

The body of the Canary prey is wide, deep and long, like its chest that is imposing. In the case of females, the length is greater than the height, the extremities are parallel, strong and with a developed and well-angulated musculature. The nails are dark and their tail is thick at birth, but tapers at the tip. Its weight ranges between 35 and 45 kilos and its height is between 55 and 65 cm.

It has a normally tabby colored hair, which ranges from dark warm to gray although it may have white color on the chest, the base of the neck, hands and back fingers. He has a black mask that does not go beyond his eyes.


The character of the Canary prey dog ​​breed is meek and has a huge attachment for his family. But he is usually distrustful of strangers. If he becomes alert, his attitude is firm and his gaze is totally vigilant.

He is an extraordinary watchdog, faithful, loyal, and intelligent, provided that the owners educate him. Although his appearance is impressive, he is tremendously affectionate and sweet. The Canary prey is a serene, calm dog, very endowed for the guard and for the cattle driving. It is a very balanced and safe animal.


The Canary prey is a great companion for children because it is kind, sweet and very protective. He likes to play and is the perfect pet to share funny moments. so if you have children, they will have a great time with him.

Despite being an excellent dog, the Dogo Canario is not recommended for a beginner since it has a somewhat stubborn and dominant character. So your owner should be able to manage the character of this pet. Do not forget that this dog is considered one of the PPP, potentially dangerous dogs and to be able to have it you will need a special permit.

If you are a person with experience in training, will be your friend more loyal if you socialize since he is a puppy.

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