4 keys to control expenses

Saving is the goal of all or at least the vast majority of people, but the reality is that at the end of the month there are few who manage to reserve some money for future plans or emergencies, the rest is simply spent covering basic needs and in day to day, almost without noticing it . These are small waste that at the end of the month make it very difficult to save something, that is why in .com we give you 4 keys to control expenses in a successful way

Steps to follow:


You may be good at keeping the accounts in your head, but nothing like materializing it on paper . Aim on one side the income and the other the fixed expenses (rent, water light, etc) then evaluate what the rest is, when you write it is easier to know what you spend the money on day to day


Nothing better than the classic piggy bank or piggy bank, every day puts something in it, even if it is little. If you take two street cafes every day, start drinking only one and the other's money keep it in this "pot". After a few months you will be surprised to see how much you have been able to save, it seems silly but it is infallible


Each time you receive your salary set a fixed amount in another account, just to have it there in case an emergency arises later or plan a trip with your friends. You never know what can happen and it is better to get used to that modality because at some point in your life, saving will be necessary


Evaluate seriously if the market where you do your shopping offers the best prices or if you can get the same cheaper elsewhere. It is important that you keep the invoices of your purchases so you will know if the price value ratio of the products favors you

  • These four keys can help you control expenses and get to the end of the month