How is the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the world, being the favorite of children and adults and of many animal trainers due not only to its beautiful appearance, but also to its intelligence and extreme sociability, which makes it in a perfect dog for the whole family. If you are thinking about acquiring a pet of this type, in .com we give you some key points about your character, discover how is the Golden Retriever

Steps to follow:


The Golden Retriever has a very stable and gentle character, is a friendly, sociable and extremely affectionate dog. It is also a very intelligent and easy to train mascot, full of dynamism and always ready to play


For children this is a great companion and it is that they mature after three years, and even after adults keep their playful and cheerful character


Due to the above qualities, this breed has become a great companion and assistance dog, however they are not defense or protection dogs, although they could warn of the presence of an intruder, they are not the best to protect a home


This dog is an instinctive hunter, and although as an animal hunting partner he must be trained, he can spend hours playing ball or looking in the garden for the toy that his master has hidden from him, this is one of his favorite activities, and can take a long time to get fatigued


If you have a pool at home, this pet is for you, because it is also a great swimmer, so you should not fear for your safety in the water


It is a very sociable dog, which can not remain isolated from the family because it demands affection and attention, so from the time it is small it is important to accustom them to the possibility of staying alone for some periods, so that they do not develop dependent behaviors


Regarding the contact with other pets, everything will depend on the raising of both sides and the way in which they have been trained from puppies. However the Golden is not a dog to share with birds, because it tends to hunt them, so if you have birds at home keep them away from their jaws


While the tendency of this dog is to be friendly and docile, like any other animal if it is raised in the wrong way or does not socialize can be aggressive, so it is good to remember that deep down is an animal and if it does not receive adequate attention It can also be a violent or difficult dog