What happens if you put gasoline in a diesel car

You still do not know how but you've put gas in a diesel car and now you're wondering what might happen, right? It is not common but possible, especially in the case of a rental car or company. You should probably visit the garage to have a professional evaluate if the vehicle has been damaged, but so you can get an idea, we explain what happens if you put gasoline in a diesel car.

Steps to follow:


First of all it is important to note that what happens when you put gasoline in a diesel car will depend on the amount of fuel. And it is that a small proportion will not be the same as filling the deposit completely.


If you have put a considerable amount of gasoline in a diesel vehicle - more than a quarter of the tank - and have been able to start, it is most likely that the car makes strange noises and stop. Even so, the diesel fuel will have already reached the ducts and injectors and it will be necessary to empty and clean them. Also, it is also common that the diesel filter deteriorates, so it will be almost indispensable to replace it.


In this way, you must resort to your mechanical workshop to completely remove gasoline from the interior of the vehicle and thoroughly clean all types of ducts where it has circulated. Also, a professional evaluation of the parts that could have been damaged, such as the injection pump, will be necessary.


In either case, it is important to note that if you notice in time that you have put gasoline in a diesel fuel car , do not try to start it and call a crane to take it to the garage. In this way, professionals can perform the most appropriate and avoid subsequent damage to the interior of the engine.