How is the British cat

If there is something that distinguishes the British Shorthair cat from any other breed of cats this, without doubt, its particular physical appearance, short legs, stuffed face, fat and chubby body that makes it look like a stuffed animal, irresistible to Some. This mascot has very special qualities, so if you are thinking about having one at home or if it is already part of your life, in .com we give you some clues about its character so you know how the British Shorthair cat is. Photo

Steps to follow:


Due to its physical appearance, more plump than other cats, this cat is not as active as those of other races, which makes it a little destructive species, so when living with them perhaps your furniture does not suffer much damage


This cat is very nice and playful, it also has a sweet and peaceful character, because although it has the independence touch of the cats, many times it will demand affection and pampering in the same way that a dog can do it


The British cat matures after two years, and grows even up to four, this makes it a very playful race, which adapts very well to an apartment, but always prefer to be in a garden to hunt like their ancestors


This feline has a tempting quality for those who appreciate silence, and it is that it whimpers very little, which makes it a rather quiet companion


The males are more sociable than the females, however the latter, despite not being intimate with the strangers, are always willing to receive affection. It is a very intelligent breed, which makes it a favorite for many animal trainers


Finally you should know that after reaching adulthood they become big gluttons, which forces them to take care of their diet to avoid health problems

  • The British shorthair cat is a great companion for adults and children, so do not hesitate to make it your pet