How is the Russian Blue cat

The Russian Blue cat, is a cat admired and appreciated all over the world. Within the family of blue-haired cats, together with the cat Korat and the cat Chartreux or the British cat, but they should not be confused, because even if you have similar characteristics, they are different. The Russian Blue cat is characteristic for its independence, but above all for its affection towards its owner. It is a special cat for its exceptional coat and its majestic body. His look and personality are captivating and he is a cat with great intelligence who knows how to give love to those who know how to love him. That's why from .com we want to explain how the Russian Blue cat is.

Steps to follow:


Their fur is short hair, although there is also long hair although they are not so common. The color of her hair is bluish gray with silver highlights. In addition, its coat is double layer with a thick undercoat.


Its head is cuneiform, wide at eye level. Its snout is small, has a straight profile with a strong chin and prominent mustaches. His eyes are large, captivating, almond shaped and with a beautiful intense green color. Their ears are high, wide at the base and directed forward.


Unlike the other blue-haired breeds, the Russian Blue cat is a less chubby and more muscular cat . It is an elegant animal with very stylized lines.


The care required by the Russian Blue cat is not far from the other blue-haired cats. It is not a cat that tends to get sick, and what is essential is that you always have fresh water and food in good condition, in addition to brushing your hair. Being a cat usually with short hair, it does not usually form many hairballs.


It is a very playful cat, so it is good that you always have something to entertain. Although it is good to change the toy frequently so that it does not stop having interest in him. He also likes to play with other adult cats and with people who live with him.


It is a cat very affectionate, calm and intelligent, although it can be somewhat shy in the presence of strangers.


The Russian Blue cat is famous all over the world also for everything he enjoys in contact with humans, for the close and affectionate relationship he creates with his owner and because it is ideal for family life. It is the perfect companion .