How is the rabbit Toy

For a few years, rabbits have become fashionable as pets . It is important to know how to choose a rabbit as our pet and is that along with a good education, good care and a lot of love, we can find some good companions. There are many types of rabbits, some grow more than others, the fur can also be very different. But if you are looking for a small animal you will like to know that there are rabbits that do not grow. They are called rabbit Toy . From .com we want to explain how the Toy rabbit is.

Characteristics of the Toy rabbit

  • The toy rabbit can also be known as the dwarf rabbit, since it does not grow much.
  • The weight of an adult Toy rabbit ranges from 1 Kilos to 1'300 Kg.
  • They have short ears with a round nose and flat nose. Its skeleton is rounded.
  • They can live between 8 and 10 years.
  • He is the most active of the rabbits as far as the race. To define its character you have to take into account its habitat, care, education received, if you live only in a cage, if you can go out, etc.
  • Among Toy rabbits there is a great variety of colors.
  • The care they require is as we spoke in .com in the article how to care for a domestic rabbit, so you can read it to inform you about the care that this animal needs.

The Supertoy rabbit

Within the rabbit race Toy, we can find a genetic improvement that gives rise to the rabbit called SuperToy, where year after year science has been selecting the smallest rabbits and with better phenotypic characteristics until obtaining this rabbit.

Their life expectancy is also between 8 and 10 years although their weight is lower than that of the Toy rabbit, being between 800 grams to little more than 1 Kilo. Their physical characteristics are very similar since they have a snub nose, the ears shorter than that of the toy rabbit but with the same shape, and with a skeleton also rounded.

Love your rabbit

Above all, if you want your rabbit to be a great companion, you have to dedicate a lot of time, love, patience and make him see that you are also his friend. Keep in mind, that they need some time a day to be out of their cage and be able to share time with you, running, jumping and doing their daily exercise.

It is not advisable for a domestic rabbit to spend the day locked in its cage, since rabbits need to run and enjoy the open spaces. In order for your rabbit to be really happy you will have to enjoy the open spaces a little while a day, receive a good education on your part and feel loved.