How is the giant rabbit of Flanders

Rabbits are animals that can be very good companions in a home when they are well educated. Normally, a rabbit does not usually weigh more than four kilos, being a pet of medium size pulling to small. But there is a special breed of rabbits, the so-called giant rabbit of Flanders . It has nothing to do with the rabbit Belier, the Angora or the Toy. In this article we explain how the giant rabbit of Flanders is and you will discover why.

Steps to follow:


It is one of the largest existing rabbit breeds in terms of size and volume.


The giant rabbit of Flanders can reach 18 kilos of weight in the largest species, but normally its weight ranges between 6 and 9 kilos and a half.


This breed of rabbit has big and long ears. In addition, his head is large, wide and has a large chin.


The males are usually even larger than the females.


They exist in a variety of colors, being common: black, blue, beige, light gray, brown, steel gray and white.


It is an animal with a peculiar morphology with the trunk arched, the tail rounded and large ears in the shape of "V".


Despite their large size, these rabbits are very docile and calm animals. Unlike other breeds of rabbits, they do not run much from one side to another, nor do they like to jump. They prefer to lie down and rest.