When to change the brake pads of the motorcycle

Knowing when to change the brake pads of the motorcycle is simple since the part that rubs the disc is in sight and you can check the wear yourself. Of course, you must know that depending on your driving style and, in particular, to slow down the motorcycle, you will last more or less time. The fact that you drive more in town than on the road will also contribute to a shorter life of the brake pads. In .com we explain when to change the brake pads of the motorcycle .

Steps to follow:


To know when to change the brake pads of the motorcycle you should simply check that they are not so thin that you run the risk of the base plate of the pads damaging the disc. The pads wear out, precisely because of the friction they have with the disc during the braking of the motorcycle. You know that you have to change urgently the brake pads of the motorcycle when the layer of the same that rubs with the disk, not the base plate, measures less than 2 millimeters. You can see it by standing in front of the bike and directing your eyes towards the brake caliper.


In addition you must bear in mind that you have to change all of the same axis at the same time. The normal thing is that they all wear out in the same proportion, otherwise it can be a symptom of some problem in the braking system that you have to consult with your mechanic.


When assessing when to change the brake pads of the motorcycle you also have to take into account the factor of the environment in which you usually use your motorcycle. In the event that you travel on a regular road, where the use of the brake is not very intense, the pads will last longer. On the other hand, if you use the motorbike to move around the city, you will have to use the brake often due to traffic, which means that the brake pads will have a shorter life.


A symptom that will help you to know that your bike needs a change of brake pads is that there is a noise caused by the shock of the pickup against the disc. It is a sound that appears every time you brake and that previously did not exist.


We recommend that, approximately, every 10, 000 or 15, 000 kilometers you make a review of the brake pads of the motorcycle. Do not forget that they are a vital part of the braking system of your vehicle and that, if they do not work well, you put your safety at serious risk.


As we say, the change of the brake pads of the motorcycle is part of the periodic reviews that you must do to your vehicle. Read this article in which we explain other issues that you must take into account for a good maintenance of the bike.