When to change the spark plugs of my motorcycle

The spark plugs are the parts responsible for carrying out the ignition between the fuel and the air in the cylinders, through a spark. What they get is to convert electrical energy into an electric arc. The correct activity of the spark plugs is vital for the bike to work, so you have to take them into account and change them whenever necessary. By replacing them, in addition, you will avoid new breakdowns that may arise as a result of poor maintenance. So that you have everything ready, we'll explain when you should change the spark plugs of your motorcycle.

Average of kilometers

The average of kilometers to change the spark plugs of your motorcycle, is specified in the instruction books of the machine, but each brand is different and it is very common to find different data. On average, it can be said that the spark plugs should be replaced by new ones every 30, 000 kilometers, approximately.

They last more or less depending on the use of the motor

It is true that the spark plugs of the motorcycle can last twice as long, and also that it is necessary to change them beforehand. This is due to the good or bad use you make of your motorcycle, which will mark if you have to replace them before or after. If you make good use of the engine and do not rush the fuel tank, the spark plugs can last twice as long, up to 60, 000.

However, if there is an electrical fault, a bad fuel mixture, or oil stains, you should replace them immediately, regardless of the kilometers you have not done it. Therefore, you must locate the spark plugs in your vehicle and check them periodically, to know when to replace them.

Spark plug replacement

When making the spark plug change, make sure the engine is cold. We also recommend that you clean around before placing the new spark plugs to prevent the connectors from getting dirty. If you want to change them yourself, visit our article, where we explain how to change the spark plugs of your motorcycle.