How is the bulldog

Each breed of dogs offers particular conditions, some are active and willing to play games, others are protective and watchful, and others, such as the English or French Bulldog, are the perfect companion dogs for those who like to live a calm life and quiet, but this great pet has a very special personality and requires specific care, so in .com we give you some clues about what the Bulldog is like and what basic care it requires

Steps to follow:


This pet is the perfect companion for those who lead a quiet life without too much activity and with free time to take care of their basic needs, their respiratory problems make them a dog that does not need more than 20 minutes of exercise per day, so they are not necessary long walks to entertain him


At feeding level it is important to give the food especially indicated for their breed and age, because this animal usually suffers from stomach problems and not any diet will adjust to it


The Bulldog is a dog little resistant to high temperatures, to the point that you can not stay in the car waiting for us on a hot day, so it is important that the place where you live always be fresh and ventilated


The Bulldog is an extremely loving and faithful dog, a great companion who loves pampering. It is not an ideal dog for children because it is not active and it tires easily, however it can tolerate them as long as they do not force them to play too much.


At the time of reproduction they need the assistance of a doctor, because due to their body riding a bitch is difficult, and may even injure the hip, so if you want to have babies you should visit your veterinarian


To give birth you may also need medical attention, so this process should be monitored and if it is difficult to go immediately to the veterinarian


Despite its particular needs, the Bulldog is a great pet, preferred by many due to its curious appearance and its particular but pleasant character


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