How is the German braco

If you are looking for a playful, tireless, active, faithful race that is the perfect companion for adults and children, then an ancestral hunter can become your ideal choice, it is the German Braco, a beautiful specimen that brings together all the great qualities of the canine species. If you are thinking about converting this breed into the new member of your family, or if a puppy is already among you, it is .com we give you some clues about its character, discover how is the German Braco. Photo

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If you enjoy going out to hunt without doubt the German Braco is your best option, this breed has accompanied the hunters for centuries, being very effective both on land and in the water. But if you are just looking for a companion dog we can tell you that this is also one of the best options


The German Shorthair is an extremely intelligent dog, enjoys games and easily learns many tricks, his favorites will always be to catch the prey, so by asking him to look for something that is previously sniffed we will discover a great talent


This breed is extremely active, it is not a dog for sedentary people, so it quickly becomes the best friend of children, resisting with energy all its games and a good companion for those who play sports, because it is always willing to walk and run next to their masters


Take into account that due to its past hunter this animal is used to exercise, so it is not recommended for small spaces, the Braco needs a large garden, a place where you can keep yourself entertained. If you want to have it in an apartment you should take it out daily for at least an hour to exercise


They are very hyperactive, so they should be educated from puppies if you do not want your furniture or garden suffer the consequence of its accelerated character. Also being so tireless they can walk at their own pace leaving their master behind, so if you visit extensive terrain it is best to take it controlled


They are very faithful and protective animals, great companions for young and old, with a fairly controlled and balanced character, which makes them get along well with other races


It is a very alert and intelligent breed, so since puppies quickly learn everything their master wants to teach them, in this way they are great specimens when it comes to demonstrating tricks


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  • If you have a large garden and small children, the German Shorthair is a great pet for your home