How is the Andalusian bodeguero

The Andalusian bodeguero buzzard is a dog of similar characteristics to some of the terrier breed. This is due to its origin, since English wine commercials settled at the end of the 18th century around Cádiz. These brought their terrier, which went crossing with other dogs in the area, resulting in the Andalusian bodeguero.

This race has a very cheerful character, and they are usually active and extroverted. The name of this race is also due to its ability to hunt rodents that were in the wine cellars of the Andalusian farms. With a white body and dark head, it is an unmistakable dog and in this article we explain how the Andalusian winemaker is, his character and behavior.

History of the Andalusian bodeguero

The Andalusian bodeguero buzzard has its origin in Cádiz, Andalusia, more specifically in Jerez de la Frontera. The English wine merchants arrived in Spain with their terrier, and these were crossed with dogs from the region, resulting in what we know as Andalusian bodeguero. These dogs turned out to be very skilled at hunting mice and other small animals that frequented the cellars and granaries of the Spanish farmhouses.

Physical features of the Andalusian winemaker

The Andalusian bodeguero buzzard is a medium-sized dog, similar to jack russell. It is mainly characterized by having a white coat all over the body, except for its black head, with white and brown spots. Its head is triangular and its eyes are dark, and the fur is short. Its weight is between 7 and 8 kg.

Behavior of the Andalusian winemaker

This breed of dog has a very cheerful and affectionate character . The Andalusian winemaker is brave and has genius, so despite not being a large breed, usually does not present an attitude of fear easily. It is intelligent, restless and very skilled, which is why it has been used to hunt small prey. Being an energetic dog can be somewhat nervous, so it is imperative that we try to perform enough physical activity. It is a faithful companion, very attentive to children and can adapt perfectly to family life, provided that all the necessary care is provided.

Food of the Andalusian winemaker

Whether it is a puppy or not, it is more than advisable to go to the vet to choose the best type of food for our dog. However, these articles may also be of help:

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It does not require a lot of food despite being physically active, and we must control the amount of food we provide so that it does not suffer from overweight. It is advisable to distribute the food in 2 or 3 shifts a day, respecting the total amount according to their weight, size and physical needs. Remember to always leave a bowl of water at your fingertips and avoid eating just before or after exercising.

Education of the Andalusian bodeguero

Being a very active dog, we can channel his energy to train him since he is small as an entertainment. It is an intelligent dog, but it can be easily distracted, so we must also have patience. It is advisable to accustom him to live with children and other animals since he is small, so that he does not have socialization problems when he is older.

The Andalusian bodeguero, like any other dog, needs to feel part of the herd . This means that we should provide enough company and we should avoid leaving him for a long time alone. The education will help you to be a stable dog and will facilitate the coexistence with the other members of the family.

If during the training you detect that you are distracted very easily, try to locate yourself in a space where there are fewer distractions, and that your needs are covered. This means that if the winemaker has not exercised all day, he may be more nervous during the training, so you have to find the midpoint. Here we provide you with access to some articles about training that can be very useful:

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How much exercise does the Andalusian bodeguero need?

As we have already mentioned in this article, the Andalusian bodeguero is a dog of hunter origin. This implies that it is a very energetic race, so one of the points that we must take more into account is to provide the amount of daily physical activity necessary. A lack of exercise could bring behavior problems that would result in a dog with behavioral problems, which at the same time would bring problems to us. Therefore, it is best to take it out three times a day, about 20 minutes. Also, we must ensure that, at least, during one of your trips you can run and spend more energy. If you have the means to release your dog, you can go to places equipped with fences so you can not escape, although you can always learn to teach your dog to walk without a leash.

Play with him, let him play with other dogs, be curious, relate to other people, always trying to do it with respect and under rules that can not make others uncomfortable. An educated dog is a dog that is much more likely to be happy with us.

How often should I bathe him?

The Andalusian bodeguero is a short-haired dog, and it is usually clean. Depending on the places by which we take it out for a walk, it is likely to get more dirty. However, initially, you do not need to bathe more than once a month . We can do it at home by buying the most suitable shampoo depending on your hair. For this it is advisable to go to the veterinarian and find out what is the shampoo that best suits your coat. In this article we teach you how to bathe your dog at home.

Do not forget that we must also take care of your nails, something that can be more complicated if our dog is restless. The dogs' nails have a pink part that should never be cut, because we would make a wound. In this article we explain how to cut a dog's nails, but if you do not see yourself capable, go to the vet to help you.

The health of the Andalusian winemaker

In general, the Andalusian winemaker buzzard is not a dog that has many health problems. This will depend on the care we provide and, as a consequence, the quality of life of our dog. Do not forget that, even though your dog seems healthy, we must visit the veterinarian periodically for a review. In this article we explain when to take your dog to the veterinarian based on different factors, such as age or possible symptoms that we can detect. Also, we must also be up to date with the vaccination, so it is important to have the vaccination schedule.

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