What is the safest seat in a car for a child

Whenever the summer holidays arrive or if you have to make another trip, all the preparations are organized so that everything is perfect and we do not forget anything. However, there are times when you forget something that is really the most important thing: security. And it is, above all, when traveling with children because traffic accidents are the main cause of death for children under 14, according to data from the Traffic Department. Depending on the age of the child, it is necessary to use the approved chairs to guarantee their safety. But regardless of whether the child has to use it or not, where should he sit? In we explain what is the safest seat in a car for a child .

The rear seats are the safest for a child

Inside a vehicle, there are always seats that are safer than others. Normally, forwards are always the most dangerous so it is convenient that children never travel in them. The most appropriate thing is that children always travel in the back seats, regardless of whether or not they have to use a specific chair that complies with the regulations of the child safety systems.

However, inside the rear seats, not all are equally safe. Experts, following the different safety tests carried out with vehicles in different accident scenarios, agree that the safest seat is the one located in the back and in the central area.

This seat has several advantages when traveling with children. The first is that it is an area that is more visible from the front seats, through the rear view mirror inside the vehicle, so the child is always more guarded.

But it also has advantages in the case of an accident. And is that the child will be more protected against a side collision and a possible swerve to the left side that the driver of the car usually gives involuntarily in a frontal crash.

Anyway, this is always the best solution if you have security systems for children's chairs or you have a safety belt with three anchors in the vehicle. Otherwise, it is not a good option because, for example, in a frontal crash, the child could easily get fired and go through the front window of the vehicle.

In this other article we discover how to choose the car seat for children correctly.

I can not sit the child in the safest car seat, what do I do?

When there are no restraint systems for child safety seats or a safety belt with three anchors in the back seat of the car, there are other solutions for the child to travel more safely in the vehicle.

In this case, the best solution is to sit the child in the back seat on the right side, that is, behind the co-driver. And, in front of a possible car, the left side can be more affected. In addition, the right side is much safer for the child to get on and off the vehicle or to be as long as necessary to place the approved seat correctly.

But, to travel in this position inside the vehicle, it is also advisable to wear a belt of three anchors in the rear side seats or to have a safety restraint system for child seats.

The least safe seats in a car for a child

As we have commented previously, traveling in the center seat or in the right in the back of the vehicle are the safest and most recommended positions for a child, provided that the precise safety measures are taken.

And, in front of these seats, there are others that are evidently less safe and less recommendable in which, if the child had to travel in them, it would be advisable to maximize the security measures. And, what seats are? The answer is easy: the two that remain, although there are differences in terms of their danger.

So to speak, let's say that the third safest position in a car for a child is to sit in the left rear seat, that is, behind the driver. Again, it would be convenient to carry the safety belt of three anchors and the restraint systems for child safety seats.

And, finally, there would be the front seat. Actually, it is the least recommended of all and the child should never travel there. In addition, if by age, the chair must be placed in the opposite direction to the march, it is necessary to know that the airbag must be deactivated.

With these explanations, we hope we have helped you to know which is the safest seat in a car for a child. Regardless of the choice, always remember to put the necessary security measures. With them you can avoid many serious consequences in the case of an accident.