How to choose a bird cage

Birds are a good choice as a pet, especially in those cases where there is not much space at home. There are numerous kinds of birds, from small goldfinches to large parrots and we must always choose a suitable habitat for them and, above all, their size. So you know what to keep in mind when choosing the place where your pet will live, do not miss this .com article on how to choose a bird cage.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you must take into account when choosing the right cage for your bird will be the dimensions, appropriate to the size of the bird.


The cage should be wide enough so that the animal can spread its wings and fly without the feathers hitting the bars.


While birds must have enough space to fly, medium and large parrots need space to climb and exercise inside the cage. The long-tailed birds, in addition, should have room to avoid damaging their feathers.


You should also keep in mind that your bird will share space with eaters, bars, drinkers, toys ... Or maybe later you propose to acquire another bird.


The distance between the bars will have to be enough to prevent the beak or legs from getting stuck, but not so big that they can put their heads through.


As for the style of the cage, it will depend on your personal taste, as well as where you are going to place it to fit your decoration.


When you have chosen the perfect cage for your birds, you should keep it always clean to prevent bacteria from proliferating and the bird may become sick. In this other article we explain how to clean the bird cage.

  • Choose the appropriate cage so that your bird can move without problems.