How to choose the cage for my budgie

Parakeets are one of the most attractive species of birds, but to maintain their health it is important to give them a series of special care, including choosing the right space for them to live and develop. The cage in which your parakeet will live must be special, taking into account the characteristics of this species. In .com we give you the keys so that you know how to choose the cage for your parakeet.

Steps to follow:


Choose a wide cage with space. In general, most species of parakeets require life as a couple, that is, you will have to buy 2. As they should go inside the same cage, look for one with room for both. If you choose to have one, choose one that is wide, because the animal can get sick due to lack of space.


The parakeets are birds that when they get scared they look for corners. that's why it's important to choose wide and rectangular cages. Avoid the round cages or the shape of a mansion, however beautiful they may seem in sight.


Try to leave your budgie loose every day for a few minutes. It is the best way for them to exercise their wings. Do not fear, because they do not have wings that are sufficiently developed to fly, they will not escape. If you have space, put them in a very large cage where they can fly inside it.


Put some kind of handle or horizontal stick . The parakeets are birds that like to climb a lot. This will help them stay healthy and feel in the right environment, which is very important to them.


Find a cage with a gap between bars of approximately 1 cm . If it is greater, they can escape, if it is smaller, the legs and the beak can remain trapped. Avoid the white bars as it hinders the view to the outside.


Look for open feeders that are inside the cage. This will prevent them from inserting their head into holes in which they can get trapped. Place as many as there are parakeets in your cage. They will mark their own territory and will not fight at the time of eating.


Put tube drinkers for the same reason above. You must be very attentive and clean them every day so that substances or herbs do not accumulate that dirty the area and with which they can get sick.


Do not put plastic hangers in the cage. Take natural branches of the trees, which, being irregular, will favor the movement and circulation of the legs of the parakeets.