How to train a deaf dog

Start training a deaf dog is not much different to train a dog that has no hearing problems, as both need to be positively reinforced to repeat the behavior you want. If you have a deaf dog you will know that the guidelines to educate him should be double and more constant than those of a dog that hears, since most of the guidelines are verbal. By having a deaf dog, you will have to use alternatives to obtain and, above all, to maintain the attention of your dog, in addition to finding substitutes for their praise. Therefore, from .com we want to guide you to how to train a deaf dog.

Steps to follow:


The vision will be the best communication you will have with a deaf dog. You should know that dogs, whether they are deaf or not, learn signals faster than verbal commands, so this is an advantage. But you must make sure that all the members of your family or at least the people who treat the dog frequently, make the same signals that you do with him, since if not only he will feel confused and will not be able to relate the signal with the order.


Your body language and facial expressions are also very important so you can understand your feelings and know if you are angry or happy. Do not hesitate to exaggerate your expression of joy or disapproval with your face.


Keeping the attention of a deaf dog and watching you for the necessary time can be the most complicated. For this, it is essential that you have something that makes you pay attention to you: the food . Thanks to your sense of smell and sight, if you have food next to you, you can pay attention to your signals.


You should help him identify the desired behavior so that he repeats it. To do this, have him associate the behavior with something he likes such as a caress, a toy, food, etc.


Another way to capture your attention and associate it with you is with a flashlight light or with a vibration collar that you can find in pet stores. But in order to associate the light of the lantern or the vibration of the necklace with your call, you must teach it by rewarding it.


Remember that the education of a dog is very important in order to achieve a good coexistence and requires a lot of commitment and patience on your part. You will discover how it will become a very enriching experience when you get to communicate with your pet, as well as helping your dog to live in a world of listeners.