How to train a jack russell terrier dog

A jack russel terrier is a small and unique dog, because in such a small body it can have a great personality and amount of energy. These dogs are very intelligent and very active, they will always want to do things because they are restless and, for this reason, they need a clear and consistent training on the part of their human companions. If you train him properly you can prevent him from becoming a problem dog and make him a wonderful and happy dog ​​that will win all your love. From here we will explain how to train a jack russel terrier dog .

Start training while you are a puppy

Start the training as soon as you have the dog in your home. You should teach your pet the basic commands and commands, but also set limits on what you are allowed to do and what not. For example, you can set limits for him to sleep in his bed instead of on the sofa.

A jack russell learns very fast, so with a consistent training, with patience and a lot of love, in a couple of weeks your dog will be ready to obey the limits and basic orders learned and learn new ones.

It is better to start when they are still puppies does not mean that if you adopt or host an adult is not going to learn all this, but it may take a little more time and perseverance and, perhaps, have to modify some behavior that has learned and that is not really adequate or healthy.

Affection and socialization for the jack russell terrier

In order for your dog to learn the training quickly, he must be happy. The best way to increase your happiness is by giving it unconditional love. This breed of dogs are very affectionate and pleasant, so you must make sure that you show enough affection and that you make it clear to him all you want playing with him and being patient.

In addition, these dogs, although they are small, are quite social and need to learn a good socialization so that they can relate without problems to other dogs and pets as well as to people. It is important that you teach the right interactions with other dogs, how to play well, etc.

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Correct bad behavior and reward good

Training inside and outside the home is essential, as well as recognizing the signs of inappropriate behavior, by dominance, jealousy, and so on. or even recognize unhealthy behaviors for stability. In this way we can rectify them and turn them into good behaviors.

If you see that your dog frequently has behaviors such as grunting, marking with teeth without very reasonable reasons, extreme vigilance, etc. You need to analyze what can happen to you and what needs to be changed. The best thing is that you ignore the unwanted behaviors and reward the good ones so that, little by little, you recognize which habits offer you something good and which do not contribute anything to you.

But, it is just as important that you recognize if you need help to make a behavior change in an appropriate way to avoid aggravating the problems, especially if it is an aggressive behavior, and you look for a canine etologist or a trainer .

No boredom much better

A jack russell terrier dog can be small and very beautiful, but it is also a very active and lively dog, so you need to do enough exercise . At least you should go for a walk two or three times a day and for at least 30 minutes each time. In addition, the rides must be active so you have opportunities to run.

Being smart dogs, they need encouragement to thrive. If a jack russell does not receive enough stimulation it can be a problem and present negative behaviors. If a dog of this breed has destructive behaviors inside the home, it is not that it is bad, it is that it needs more encouragement because it is boring. It is necessary that you spend enough time with your dog and also have time to play and run. You have to spend all the energy you create in your little body!

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Do not forget that it is a dog

A jack russell terrier dog is a hunting dog so he can chase other animals when he goes out for a walk. You will have to work this behavior since it is small. Teach him (which he will learn from his good memory) not to pursue, simply to accept the other being while he is walking or running. Instead, let it chase each other with other dogs if you see that it is a game, because that will be normal and healthy.

Remember that it is a dog and it is not a child. It is necessary to be aware that you do not have to indulge in everything when you are training him. They must walk, run and it is not necessary that you carry them everywhere in arms when larger dogs pass by, in fact this will only cause them to generate negative behavior towards them. Take a good run and show him the best behaviors.