How to train my dog ​​to drag weight

Dragging weight means that strong dogs pull different objects. If you want your dog to do it, it will require determination and discipline. The training consists of dragging weight, this is not a very difficult activity, although it requires a lot of effort. You should also take into account an ideal breed of dogs: with muscular, strong and ready tones.

You will need to:
  • Cahorro harness
  • 2 dog leashes
  • 2 nylon bags
  • Gravel
Steps to follow:


Put a harness on your puppy. A young dog of big or strong race is necessary.


Adjust the harness to your dog's body.


Pour approximately 10 kg of gravel into two nylon sacks. Tie each nylon bag at the ends of each strap.


Give your dog time and progressively increase the weight, he will have to get used to the feeling of having elements connected to his harness. Make your dog feel comfortable so you can train him. Play with him, call him from your home or from the playground to activate.


Increase 5 kg of gravel in each nylon bag every week, until your dog increases muscle mass and strength. Eventually you can replace nylon bags with a weight item, available at pet stores.

  • Take your dog to the vet before committing to a training program. A physical examination will determine if your dog is healthy enough to perform the activity.